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Camp Highroad’s Homeschool Package offers an opportunity for homeschool groups of all sizes and all ages to enjoy an exciting, affordable, educational, and family-friendly field trip. This package includes diverse programming options, a sibling-based price tier and lots of flexibility. Unless otherwise requested, we will lead programming from an overtly Christian worldview and will present spiritual illustrations during our activities.



Children ages 6-18 can participate. Younger siblings may also attend, but please keep in mind for younger children that there will be a great deal of walking and strenuous activity involved in many of our programs. Siblings five and under can tag along for free, but will only be able to participate to the level that they are comfortably able. Parental supervision is required for children five and younger as well as for older groups – which means that at least one parent must accompany any group in which their young child is tagging along and at least two parents must accompany each group of 10-15 students, regardless of the age of those children. See the “Additional Information” tab for more information about parental attendance.


The price per child is based on the number of children attending per family. It’s $20 for each of the first four siblings per family (up to $80.00) additional siblings free. Children five and under, with a paying sibling, free. Payment takes place on the day of the event with either checks or cash being collected by the trip organizer. Please make checks payable to “Camp Highroad”.


Choose four hours of programming from the following list:

•Low-Ropes Challenge Course (1-2 Hours)
•Native American Nature Class (1-2 Hours, Ages 8 and up)
•Survival Skills Nature Class (1-2 Hours)
•Animal Signs Nature Class (1-2 Hours)
•Totally Trees Nature Class (1-2 Hours, Ages 10 and Up )
•Stream Studies Nature Class (1.5-2 Hours)
•Fundamental First Aid (1 Hour, Ages 8 and up)

•Fascinating Fields Nature Class (1-2 Hours)
•Pond and Bamboo Nature Hike (1-2 Hours)
•Nature Craft (1 Hour, Ages 10 and Down)
•Quarry Hike (2 Hours, Ages 8 and up – Strenuous Walking!)
•Archery (1 Hour, Ages 10 and Up)
•Canoes (1 Hour)

•Compass Course (1-2 Hours, Ages 8 and up)

For descriptions of our classes, check out the Outdoor Education page.

Special Programs

These programs are for older students and have an additional cost. The time required by these programs counts against the four hours included in the Homeschool Package.
High Ropes (Giant Swing and Pamper Pole): Students 12 and older, additional $10.00 per student, minimum of 10 participating students, 2 hour program.
Rock Wall: Students 12 and older, additional $5.00 per student. minimum of 10 participating students, 1-1.5 hour program.
Mountain Boarding: Students 12 and older, additional $5.00 per student. minimum of 10 participating students, 1-1.5 hour program.
Zip Line: Students 10 and older, additional $5.00 per student. minimum of 10 participating students, 1.5-2 hour program.

For details of these programs, check out the Activities page.

Additional Information

Maximum and Minimum:

There is a ten child minimum for homeschool packages. There is currently no maximum, we simply need to know a rough number when you register and we need an update each time your group size grows by ten children.


Homeschool packages are available weekdays March- Early June and September-November. For those groups willing to brave the cold, winter programs are also available. Please call us at 540-687-6262 or email bookings@camphighroad.org to find the available date that works best for your group.

Parental Attendance:

Parent or legal guardian attendance is mandatory for homeschool field trips – with the only exception being that one family can “adopt” children from another if they agree to be primarily responsible for them on the day of the field trip. Any parent or parents who bring another family’s children on the day of the trip must be able to contact the absent family in the event of a disciplinary problem, illness, injury, weather-related cancellation, etc. Each separate group of children must be accompanied by at least two parents, in addition to their Highroad instructor.


To register, your group must have a point of contact willing to organize the trip on the group’s end, and who will collect names and payment from the individual families. Because of logistics, we cannot accept individual registrations from each individual family. Give us a call at (540) 687-6262 or email bookings@camphighroad.org to register or to get more information.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When we do your nature classes, what will your focus be?
Unless otherwise requested, we lead our classes and activities from a Christian, creationist worldview. Nature programs take place in the context of Romans 1:20, stating that God has left evidence for Himself in creation that can teach us about his power and nature.
Can I bring my children who are five and younger?
Absolutely! There is no charge for siblings five and under. Young children may not be able to fully participate in some Highroad activities, but are welcome to tag along and participate with their older siblings groups. We ask that a parent be present with young children, in order to help them to have the best possible experience!
Is there a place for my younger children and I to set up shop while the older children are doing the activities?
Yes! Depending on where we start your programs, there will either be picnic tables, covered pavilions, or a building with tables available for your use!
Can I participate in the activities with my 6-18 year-old?
Parents are welcome to join in the fun, although we ask that children always be allowed to go first! For some activities, such as the challenge course, parents are asked to be encouragers, but not to actively participate.
What are the bathroom facilities like?
In the main camp area there is a bathhouse with both men’s and women’s restrooms. The bathhouse has flushing toilets, other areas of camp are equipped with latrines.
What are your classes like and what other classes do you offer?
For descriptions of our classes, check out the Outdoor Education page.
Can you help teach specific content during your classes?
Absolutely! Just let us know beforehand and we’ll be happy to work specific content into your program.

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