Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

Camp Highroad’s Outdoor Education Program or “Outdoor School” is an opportunity for students to take concepts learned in the classroom and to experience them first hand! It allows students an opportunity to be removed from a formal educational setting, placed in a fun, instructive environment, and immersed in the beauty of our woods, streams, and fields. Our goals are to give students a better understanding of their environment, an appreciation for their place in that environment (and its history), the challenge of working together and heightened self-confidence. Our staff strive to engage the students in such a way that they grasp important concepts while having so much fun that learning becomes something that they WANT to do!


Classes and Hikes:

Animal Signs Compass Scavenger Hunt Everchanging Ecosystem First Aid
Native American Stream Studies Survival Skills Night Hike
Totally Trees


1 Hour Class: $12.00 per child
2 Hours of Classes: $15.00 per child.
4 Hours of Classes: $24.00 per child.

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