Group FAQ’s

Frequently Asked Questions

• How long does it take EMS to reach your camp and what is the closest hospital?

It takes Emergency Services about five minutes to reach Highroad from Philomont, VA where they are located. The closest hospital for medical treatment, not requiring an ambulance, is the Loudoun Hospital Campus located at 224 Cornwall Street NW, Leesburg, VA 20175.

• Do you have a kitchen available for rent?

We do have a kitchen that we make available on a case-by-case basis. Because we run meal-service for many of our guests, and because of the preparation required to remove our caterer’s equipment from the kitchen, we have to make that decision based on the dates requested and the needs of your unit.

• How many people can your camp hold?

Our main camp cabin area can sleep 214 in cabins and other buildings, our lodges can sleep 100, and our tent camping areas can hold well over 1,000. If your group exceeds these numbers, let us know and we will find a way to meet your needs!

• Do you have indoor, rainy-day space?

We have multiple buildings in main camp that we use for indoor activities. Those buildings are included in the Encampment Package and we would be happy to tell you more about them. Give us a call at 540-687-6262 to learn more.

• Do you have a recycling program?

Yes we do. Thanks to a recommendation from GS SU 52-7, we now have a full, single-stream recycling program.

• What are your bathroom facilities like?

In the main camp we have twenty latrines and a bathhouse with six toilets and ten showers. The bathhouse is in a central location, in between the camping areas, and our duty staff diligently keep all of our restroom facilities well stocked. Almost all of the latrines in Main Camp are brand new, having been installed by request of a GS Service Unit in 2010.

• Are the latrines and washstands in the Main Camp supplied with toilet paper and soap?

Yes. The latrines are stocked with toilet paper and hand sanitizer. The washstands are stocked with soap.

• Are there electrical outlets in Main Camp?

Yes. There are electrical outlets in all of our buildings in main camp, including the cabins and the Dining Hall.

• How many people can be seated in the Dining Hall at one time?

We can seat up to 270 people in the Dining Hall at one time. It’s a tight fit, but that is the maximum capacity.

• What ages can do your programming?

We recommend that children be in third grade before participating in most of our activities. However, our nature classes, archery, and canoes can serve children as young as kindergarden age. Our “high” challenge activities, such as the zip wire, rock wall, and mountain boarding have there own age limits and you can take a look at those on our Activities page.

• What are your nature classes like?

Our nature classes can cover the broadest range of material of any of our programming. They teach children to engage the natural environment, without pushing them so far out of their comforts zones that they don’t enjoy it. Our nature staff are engaging and fun, seeking to know each child’s name and make a real effort to engage each individual in the group. All of our classes are structured to include an introduction, some games, some time spent in the woods, and a conclusion. Within that time, many teachable moments are presented that that often change the flow of the class. For a description of our Nature Classes, Click Here

If you have a question that hasn’t been asked on this page, you can email our or call us at (540) 687-6262.

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