School Groups

School Groups

Camp Highroad’s Outdoor Education Program or “Outdoor School” is an opportunity for students to take concepts learned in the classroom and to experience and understand them first hand!  It allows students an opportunity to be removed from a formal educational setting, placed in a fun, instructive environment, and immersed in the beauty, complexity and diversity of our woods, streams, and fields. Our goals are to give students a better understanding of their environment, an appreciation for their place in that environment and its history, the challenge of working together and heightened self-confidence. Our staff strive to engage the students in such a way that they don’t “feel” like they’re learning.


Why Choose Camp Highroad

Our Instructors – Our instructors are young, fun, and informative. When hiring, we stress the importance of learning students names, building rapport, and communicating concepts in an enjoyable way.
Our Hospitality – Our staff will meet your busses at the front of camp and guide them to your program area. We’ll help you plan your visit, and we will get your students back on the busses on time.
Our Instruction – Our Outdoor School classes meet VA SOLs. We focus on teaching the SOLs at and above the grade level of your students to help build a foundation for discussion in the classroom or to reinforce concepts with concrete experiences. Want an example of an Outdoor School class? Take a look at our “Totally Trees” lesson plan.
Our Flexibility – Our classes can be adjusted to meet your needs. Just let us know what concepts you would like us to focus on, and e can adjust the material that we present and the area of camp that we use.
Our Prices – This year, 2013, in addition to our existing School Group Packages, we have significantly lowered the prices of our à la carte outdoor education programming.
Our Site – Camp Highroad covers 620 beautiful acres at the foot of the Blue Ridge Mountains. We have a pond, pine and decidious forests, fields and pasture, streams, a bamboo grove, rock outcroppings, a quarry, and multiple historic structures.
Our Experience – Camp Highroad was founded in 1949 and our Outdoor Education Program has been serving schools in Northern Virginia for over thirty years!


For those schools who would like to do more than our nature programs, there are three school group packages that incorporate the challenge course, meals, and lodging in addition to nature classes. There is a twenty-five person minimum for Outdoor School Packages. (As part of these packages, nature classes can be substituted for archery and canoes).

Day Packages:What's Included:Student Price:Chaperone Price:
One Day - Option 1• Four Hour Challenge Course + Zip Wire*.
One Day - Option 2• 1x 2hr Nature Class.
• Four Hour Challenge Course + Zip Wire*.
Two Days• 2x 2hr Nature Classes.
• 4hr Challenge Course + Zip Wire*.
• 3 Meals.
• Lodging - Lodge (+$5.00per student) or Cabins.
Three Days• 4x 2hr Nature Classes.
• 4hr Challenge Course + Zip Wire*.
• Evening Programing.
• 6 Meals.
• Lodging - Lodge (+$5.00per student) or Cabins.

* = The Zip Wire is only available for students in 5th grade and older.
All prices are per student and per chaperone.
Chaperone prices are there to cover food costs.

Outdoor Education Classes

Animal Signs Compass Scavenger Hunt Everchanging Ecosystem First Aid
Native American Stream Studies Survival Skills Night Hike
Totally Trees


Because we know that many schools are struggling with budget shortages and bus schedules, we have significantly reduced the prices of our weekday outdoor education classes.

Option One:1x 1.5hr Program$8.00 per Student
Option Two:2x 1.5hr Programs$12.50 per Student
Option Three:2x 2hr Programs$15.00 per Student

Ten people for nature classes and hikes.
Prices do not apply to the challenge course or any other programming outside of Outdoor Education classes and hikes. Those prices can be found under the ‘School Packages’ tab above.

Customizations and Assistance

Our staff are here to provide support and assistance, regardless of whether you are a returning school or brand-new to Camp Highroad. Let us know how we can help you.

Tell us what programs or classes we can create or modify to reinforce subject matter that your students have learned or need an introduction to.

Tell us what behavioral issues your school is dealing with that you would like us to address during a challenge course.

Call us and let us know your concerns and questions about bringing your students to Highroad.
No matter what you need, we’re happy to help.
Office: (540) 687-6262 (M-F 8am – 4pm)
Programs E-Mail:

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