Registration is NOW OPEN!

Registration is NOW OPEN!

It’s finally happened. You can now register you child for winter, spring and summer camp! I know what your thinking… Why was it opened much later than previous years? The short answer, we wanted it perfect. Last year was the 1st year we offered online registration. And we feel it went over rather nicely. Because of this, it opened up a world of possibilities to continually improve our camper registration process.

So what’s new?
The biggest change you’ll notice is with the medical form which is now completed entirely online during registration. What this means for you is; you no longer need a doctor to sign the form, and you won’t need to bring a copy of it with you to check-in. If there is a change in the campers health after you have registered the campers, you can simply log into your account and make those changes.
Please be aware that this is all new to us here at Highroad. Although we think we have solved all the problems, chances we haven’t. If you find an error in the health form please let us know by emailing our registrar, at

Another change this year is the way we will be handling Camp Store money. In past years, we have asked you to bring cash, check or your credit card information. Those methods are still available to you, however we added an option during registration to add camp store money before checking out online. That money will then be added to the campers camp store account and available for them to use during their week at camp. It’s also worth noting that when you add money to your campers account, you’ll be given options of what you would like us to do with the remaining money at the end of the week.

We have made a few more minor changes through out the online registration in order to make your lives easier. If you have any further suggestions for improving this process please let us know.

As much as we enjoy this down time to catch our breathe and prepare for the year ahead, we enjoy hanging out with your campers more. Now let the flood of registrations begin.

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