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Oak Lodge

Key Features:
• Highroad’s largest lodge, Oak sleeps 65

people in beds.
• Thirteen bedrooms, including a “leaders” room with a private bathroom, can accommodate three to eight people each.
• Oak’s large central meeting and dining area contains a fireplace, couches, chairs and tables.
• The lodge contains men and womens restrooms, with three showers in ea
• A large field behind the lodge provides a beautiful view, stargazing site, game field, and fire circle with firewood.
• Oak Lodge is Highroad’s best facility for retreats, conferences, and reunions.
• Highroad catering is available.

Price: $48.00 per person / Night

Minimum: 20 person

Maximum: 65 person

Check In/Out Times for One Night Retreats:

Friday – Saturday Retreats 11am Check out on Saturday.

Saturday – Sunday Retreats 1pm Check in on Saturday.

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