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Outdoor Education Classes

Our Outdoor Education classes provide an engaging and educational experience for students, with activities taking place in nature. Our skilled staff provide hands-on experiences to help students learn in a fun and interactive environment. Our activities are designed to be memorable and enjoyable – giving students the opportunity to learn and grow in a positive outdoor setting.


Compass Course

Students will explore Camp Highroad as they learn to navigate using a map and/or compass. Older students will learn the art of navigation by learning to measure distance with their pace count, to find direction with a compass, and determine location with a map. Younger students will learn how to orient a map, how to find their location, and how to use the map to get there.

• Age: 4th Grade – 12th Grade.
• Class Available: Year Round.
• Standards of Learning:

ES: .3


One Hour Class

Weekend: $15.00/pp

Week Day: $10.00/pp

Two Hours of Classes:

Weekend: $18.50/pp

Week Day: $13.50/pp

Four Hours of Classes:

Weekend: $29.50/pp

Week Day: $24.50/pp

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