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EcoEternity at Camp Highroad


Camp Highroad’s EcoEternity Forest provides a place to remember loved ones and a beautiful, ecologically friendly, and peaceful resting place for cremated remains. At the EcoEternity Forest, ashes are placed in biodegradable urns and buried at the roots of memorial trees. Over time, the roots will absorb the nutrients and create a living memorial for friends and family to visit for generations.

Our EcoEternity Forest is located within an hour’s drive of most of Northern Virginia. Midway between Middleburg and Leesburg, fifty acres of beautiful, forested land have been set apart for the EcoEternity Forest at Highroad, with two of those acres currently containing trees available for lease. All of the money generated by the forest goes directly to Camp Highroad, helping to provide programming for children and preserving the many forested acres on the 620 acre property.

Internment services at the forest are customizable and meant to fit the desires of the family. If you would like a chaplain present at the service, Camp Highroad can provide one or you can organize your own. We understand that the interment often falls within a difficult time of mourning, and we desire to assist you in any way we can during the internment service.


Highroad has a variety of trees to offer. The trees vary in species, size, age, and location. The lease price of a tree depends on its size.

Cost For Each Interment: $300.00


This tree may be leased for up to 15 family members. The tree is exclusively reserved for your family members and you define family. The lease cost is a one time charge regardless of how many people are interred. The price includes a 4×11 inch memorial plaque to be attached to the tree.

Price from: $4,500.00


The community tree is shared with up to 10 other individuals. There are many different community trees spread throughout the forest. You may lease a single internment right under one of these trees. The price includes your name to be listed on a 4×11 inch memorial plaque to be attached to the tree.

Price: $800.00

These prices are effective as of January 1, 2023.

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EcoEternity Map


Can I change designees for our family tree?

The holder of the Tree Lease Agreement may add or delete a designee at any time by giving EcoEternity written notice.

When I die, how will others know I have leased a tree?

We encourage you to file a copy of your contract with your will and/or other important documents.

Is the forest always accessible?

The EcoEternity Forest is located in a section of the forest near Highroad’s main entrance. This location provides peaceful seclusion from Summer Camp and retreat activity. Furthermore, it allows unfettered access to the forest. Visitors can park at the forest trailhead in front of the main entrance and walk the trail anytime between dawn and dusk.

What should I wear to an EcoEternity Funeral?

Wear seasonal outdoor clothes. Of particular importance, wear shoes appropriate for walking in a forest that may be muddy.

Is anybody available in case of a need for special assistance at an EcoEternity Forest?

Yes, there are staff that live on site. However, it is best call ahead to ensure someone is available.

May I have a religious service at an interment?

Yes. If you have a religious service, please have the religious authority present 30 minutes in advance for an orientation.

May I have pet(s) interred with me?

If you have a Family Reunion Tree, you may have your pets’ ashes interred at your tree at a reduced interment cost.

Forest Path


If you have a question or would like to book an appointment to come see the EcoEternity Forest, simply fill out this form and we'll get right back to you.

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