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Why work at
Camp Highroad


Beautiful outdoor setting.

Though we are located in Loudoun County, our staff often
express feeling like they are miles away from the hustle and bustle of suburbia. Highroad staff get to spend their summer reveling in the beauty of God’s creation on our 600 acre property. Whether gliding in canoes on our small serene pond, perusing our hidden bamboo forest, or gazing at the stars in Presgrave field… the splendor of nature is so evident here!

"My experience at camp this summer was unlike anything I've ever done. I met some amazing people, served some wonderful kids, reconnected with nature, and above all grew in my faith and trust in the Lord. It was the best summer of my life, and I want to come back so that I can continue to serve campers and God and be in nature and fellowship with other believers."

- Sophie, 2023 Counselor-in-Training


Great community.

Highroad staff form unique bonds throughout the course of each summer. Camp reunions during the off-season, and even bridal parties made up of camp friends, are not uncommon here. Camp is a breeding ground for the silly memories, late night laughs, deep conversations, and trials overcome that create meaningful community.
Working closely with like-minded people and putting in lots of hours together during a summer session forges close friendships that last years.

"I found an amazing community of fellowship and friends. I have close friends because of Camp Highroad that I still hang out with. I love the people, at camp everyone is so nice and makes
working (even doing dishes!) more fun."

- Colin, 2023 Counselor-in-Training


Meaningful mission.

In the end, Highroad is more than a summer job, it’s a mission field!
We are committed to sharing the love of Christ with all of our staff, campers, and families.
We get to help campers grow in confidence through adventure activities, encourage them throughout the week, and be positive role models as they navigate growing up in an ever-changing world. It is such a cool opportunity to not only be a safe space for campers, but to share with them the truth that they are loved by God and created with a purpose!

"I saw it as a special honor to serve Him by caring for exceptional campers as their counselor.
Seeing them come in as strangers and leave like family was a priceless experience. [I really appreciated] the love of God that flows at camp, teamwork, care and concern as well as the adventures with great lessons to learn."

- Sumayyah, 2023 International Counselor


Personal and spiritual growth.

Our staff consistently come away from summer telling of
important lessons learned… about themselves, about others, and about Christ. The summer camp environment can be challenging, in the best sense, but it is so rewarding. Highroad
staff often leave with a bolstered confidence in their ability to live out their faith in their schools and communities outside of camp.

"I learned so much over the summer… how to faithfully share the gospel, how to be more like Christ, and how to put Him in the center of everything.

This pushed me continually, and honestly made my school year so much better, because I am a lot more grounded in my faith."
- Melonee, 2023 Counselor

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